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Extract invoices faster than ever before. Use AI and cognitive recognition to capture documents and turn them into actionable data that can be used in workflows with multi-step approvals..

Take it one step further and use workflows to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks by connecting the apps and platforms your business relies on.

Core Capabilities

Eliminate Manual Work

- Automate the end-to-end procurement process
- Eliminate manual data entry
- Allow AP teams to focus on value-adding work
- Reduce time to impact

Enforce Compliance

- Approval Flows
- 2 & 3 Way Matching
- Policies & Contracts
- Budgets
- Price Validations
- Audit logs

Improve Security

- Detect internal & external fraud
- Behaviour analysis
- Granular permissions & Access Controls with 2FA
- ISO 27001

Improve Relationships

- Increase employee satisfaction
- Train business knowledge & logic into the Platform
- Decrease finance staff onboarding time
- Improve supplier relationships

Advanced Approval Workflows

There’s a better way to approve spending than email. Automate and streamline your business processes with Zudello’s workflows and automations.
Zudello extracts and converts your orders, invoices and credits into actionable data. These can be used to:

  • Create multi-step dynamic approval workflows. Based on dollar thresholds, users, departments, locations, projects or any other condition
  • Manage complex approval hierarchies, delegations and project-based approvals
  • Streamline forms such as CAPEX
  • Ensure approval requests reach users on their preferred platform, e.g. email, Slack, Teams or our upcoming Mobile App
  • Automate reminders & escalations to users’ managers to improve compliance
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Accounts Payable

Eliminate data entry of invoices, receipts and purchase orders

  • Snap a photo, forward an email, or upload your documents via the web
  • Using Zudello’s cognitive recognition technology, invoices are entered in full, including all line items
  • Extraction is backed by our AI and machine learning, backed up by our data review team to ensure accuracy
  • Multi-currency facilities
  • Detect duplicate invoices before they reach your Accounting, Inventory or ERP system
  • Verify suppliers and use Zudello’s AI check for fraudulent invoices in real-time
  • Live monitoring of invoices to automatically flag anomalies or unexpected fluctuations in price
  • Automated coding of documents based on supplier rules

Accounts Receivable

Eliminate data entry of invoices, receipts and customer orders

  • Instantly turn PDF customer purchase orders into Sales Orders
  • Connected directly into your ERP and creates Sales Order or Invoices from the Purchase Order
  • Extraction is backed by our AI and machine learning, backed up by our data review team to ensure accuracy
  • Take pricing from either your ERP system or the Customers Purchase Order
  • Detect duplicate Order before they reach your ERP
  • Verify customers and use Zudello’s AI check for fraudulent orders in real-time
  • Handle new customers automatically putting them through a defined onboarding process.
  • Implement your business rules with Zudello smart automation tools including the Natural Language engine and workflows.
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Supplier Statement Reconciliation

Reconcile end of month supplier statements in a few clicks

  • Extract supplier statements in seconds
  • Zudello instantly matches lines from the supplier’s statement to those found in your Accounting, Inventory or ERP system
  • Discrepancies are instantly identified, including missing transactions or errors in dates and amounts
  • With a single click, an email is composed and sent to the supplier requesting copies of any missing transactions

Automate With Workflows

Automate business processes and link external platforms. Zudello’s workflow engine can automate any business process whether manipulating data or moving it between applications.

  • Onboarding workflows for new Suppliers, including Form completion steps and approval steps
  • Automatically organise, prioritise and tag documents
  • Automate Intercompany Transfers between entities in Zudello.
  • Build custom processes to meet your business requirements such as asset disposals.
  • Fetch data from multiple platform and sync
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