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The real ROI of reliable service software

Service Man Is Cleaning, Repair And Maintenance Of Air Condition

The real ROI of reliable service software

Modern day service software systems will deliver incredible savings to companies that implement them.

At Thrive, we’ve been implementing service software solutions for businesses for as long as we can remember. And we’ve started to develop a picture of just how much money a business can save by having effective software solutions in place that help you run your service business.

Let’s start with customer service…

Firstly, your customer service satisfaction will increase by at least 10 to 20%, and the fact that you’re able to get back to customers immediately  will enable you to do their work better.

You’ll be quicker, more accurate and be able to address more issues and queries. Not only is this a massive way to promote reputational change, it’s a way efficiently deal with a part of the business that traditionally always causes headaches.

Connecting all areas of your business

For the service staff, if they’re connected to the back office you get close to a 40% increase in efficiency, which means for a whole lot of reasons they don’t have to come back to the office.

They have all the paperwork on a mobile device in front of them and they can just do their job.

What about the purchasing staff?

For your purchasing staff, because there’s service inventory and you’ve streamlined parts on there for the work orders, that can all be done as well within the software. You should be able to save 25% on your work orders.

Automatic invoicing – The big one

We love this one because it is a BIG saving for businesses; automatic invoicing from work orders.

Yes that’s a really big one.

So once a technician completes a work order, updates it, and it electronically comes back to the office complete, we can simply press a button and convert it into an invoice and post it out to the customer – with no paperwork in the middle.

That’s a massive saving and some customers save even an entire wage of a person in there.

Payroll…in a moment

You also save money with payroll. Because the hours are on each of the work orders in which the technician enters the time onto the work orders for the week or for the fort night, you simply copy that across to payroll and you have everything you need in order to process the  payroll.

So there’s no double entry that needs to be made.

It’s a no brainer

You can see just how simple it is for businesses to experience massive savings just by harnessing software that is designed to help. You essentially keep more in your pocket, by doing less.

Speak to us today to find out just how much more you can be saving ON TOP of this list with smart service software.