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Sage Field Operations is now available in Australia

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Sage Field Operations is now available in Australia

Increase Profitability with Automated Field Operations.

After extensive testing in the USA, a solution specifically designed for field operations management is now available in Australia. Sage Field Operations allows your team to keep your projects on time and on budget and provide your field teams the power to keep projects moving anywhere, anytime, in the palm of their hands.

Any device, anywhere

After installing Sage on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can access the software from anywhere with a simple username and password. You can then view work orders, DFR’s, quotes and time entry. Pairing this with a synchronised view with office staff who can view details of all operations on a map and dispatch as needed.

This is a perfect way to integrate Project Managers, Field Employees and Office Staff to create a seamless, quick and accurate connection.

Field reports on the go

It’s important that field operators have instant access to information in the field. With Sage Field Operations it’s simple to Complete Daily Field Reports and see the information in Project Management in real time. It’s also simple to identify the percentage of Complete and Production Units with the ability to post to miscellaneous worksheets in Job Cost.

Go paperless in the field

Not only is it less cumbersome, it completely streamlines your information flow. Sage Field Operations gives field operators the ability to automatically email safety forms to safety manager, reduce data entry by pre-populating customer information and finally allows you to customise the forms to your needs with built in logic.

This is a serious time saver for not only those working in the field, but also those who rely on the data.

Time entry, capture and review made simple

The entire time entry process is managed entirely within Sage Field Operations. It’s easy for both input and approval to be accounted for within the platform and on any device.

Scheduling and control of labour costs

Make sure the right people and equipment show up when and where they’re supposed to. Easily schedule your employees, equipment, and different subcontractors.

Labor costs can make or break a construction project. Keep those labor costs in check with Sage Field Operations field time entry, submission, and approval functionality. 

Could this be the game changer?

Sage Field Operations provides your team in the field with the critical information they need whilst streamlining communication with the office. The streamlined sync between office and field delivers higher quality work, improved efficiency, and maximized project profitability.

This solution is a no-brainer for anyone looking to gain greater visibility over their field.