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Technology use is soaring. The benefits are flowing. Are you on the SAAS train as well?


Technology use is soaring. The benefits are flowing. Are you on the SAAS train as well?

SAAS, it’s a pretty cool word that’s getting thrown around A LOT in 2020.

But for those of you who don’t speak geek, SAAS is an acronym for; Software As A Service. In simple terms, you rent SAAS software and all you need is an internet browser to access it.

The beauty of SAAS software is easy access from anywhere with an internet connection, which is particularly helpful in the current COVID19 environment where a lot of us are working from home.

SAAS isn’t just a train, it’s a bullet train!

The trend of SAAS (Software As A Service) has been growing over the past few years, with Gartner reporting 8.5% growth in 2019, and forecast 10.5% growth in 2020 and 2021. (

From an already rapid growth trajectory, COVID 19 appears to have increased the pace of adoption of SAAS software. This is supported by a recent survey by Flexera, where the majority of respondents plan to increase their Cloud usage due to COVID19.  This is the case for both the Small/Medium Business and Enterprise segments.

Why has this happened?

It’s likely that this acceleration is due to businesses innovating and finding new ways to work remotely, due to COVID19.

For Construction Businesses in particular, the easy access to Software as a Service is a boon, as many construction employees are mobile, moving around job sites every day. With SAAS software, these employees might not need to go into the office regularly, saving a lot of travel time.

Let’s make life a little easier

SAAS software can even be used by Subcontractors to make everyone’s life easier by sharing drawings, variations, schedules and even the everyday communication required to get the job done.

Mobility is just one of the advantages of SAAS software. The other big-ticket benefits revolve around cost. You rent the software by the month or year, which helps even out cash-flow. There’s no big software purchase that you need to capitalise and depreciate.

Need a software upgrade? No problems!

It’s important to note that renting also has a downside: if you stop paying the rent, you get evicted. There is also little or no interruption to your business with a SAAS upgrade.

Upgrades should also be essentially seamless, are almost free and usually occur more often. There is also no need for a new server and an expensive upgrade every few years. That is a thing of the past.

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