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proest estimating software

Real-time, 24/7 access to client information, project estimates, digital takeoffs, reporting and more is what estimating in the cloud is all about. When your people are connected on the same powerful ProEst construction estimating software platform, productivity goes up and costs go down.

Reliable, up-to-date data at your fingertips.
Having accurate equipment, material and labor costs is essential to delivering a winning bid. ProEst sets the standard for the construction industry– a dynamic collection of localized, actively monitored data to help you track and apply labor and material costs.

General Contractors
ProEst’s advanced construction estimating software does it all for GCs of all sizes, automatically generating detailed cost estimates, digital takeoffs and complete bid day analysis for subcontractor comparisons.

We offer the kind of detail and flexibility specialty subcontractors need to stay on top of project costs and run more profitable jobs—complete estimating and digital takeoff capabilities in a single powerful solution.

Key Features

Cost Estimating

Who Does It Suit?

Home Builders
Property Developers
ProEst Estimating Software

Detailed Cost Estimates

Our contractor bidding software has been designed to allow you to create customized views of your most important information, perform quick, on-screen estimate analysis, and automatically add markups to ensure that your bids are profitable.

Digital Takeoffs

With built-in digital takeoff technology, ProEst general contractor bidding software gives you the flexibility to perform takeoffs using electronic plans, an advanced capability many other estimating solutions for general contractors don’t offer.

ProEst Digital Takeoff Software
ProEst integrations


Stay in control from bid to close out with seamless integration. ProEst connects seamlessly with industry-specific project management and accounting applications—creating an integrated end-to-end system that saves time, reduces errors and streamlines workflows.


The flexible and robust reporting features within ProEst allow you to generate a wide variety of high-quality reports, like labor reports and estimate summaries for internal use as well as, and materials lists for vendors. You can also give your company’s image a boost by creating uniquely branded professional proposals for your clients and prospects.

  • Create professional looking reports, quickly and easily.
  • Choose from dozens of standard reports, or design custom reports to view your estimate detail plans in unique ways.
  • Analyze historical data to improve estimate accuracy over time.
ProEst reporting

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proest estimating software

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