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Procore construction project management software

Procore construction project management software enables you to manage your projects, resources, and financials on one open, easy-to-use platform.

End to end Subcontract Claim and AP invoice integration with Procore, Sage Paperless and Sage Construction and Real Estate.

Procore’s construction project management software boasts an intuitive design and Thrive’s commitment to helping you integrate it into your businesses seamlessly means that you can focus on your projects whilst having the confidence your software is helping you make smarter decisions.
With Thrive gaining a deep understanding of your business and combining that with Procore’s ability to streamline communication by connecting field to office on a single, mobile software platform. Providing your business the ability to operate in a single construction team environment.

Our understanding and experience with Procore’s impressive offering will help you get the most out of your solution.

Key Features

Project Management
Project Financials
Quality & Safety
Design Coordination
Invoice Management
Tender Management

Who Does It Suit?

Home Builders
Head Contractors
Sub Contractors
Procore construction software

Project Management

Stay ahead of your projects.
Quickly identify potential issues and their impact to schedule and budgets. Avoid unwanted surprises with better project visibility.

Project overview gives a complete picture of any outstanding items
Track all steps and speed up the approval process

Keep information accurate.
Trust that all stakeholders have access to the latest information in a centralised location, and in a format that everyone can understand.

Information is updated instantly so all stakeholders have ultimate visability
Mitigate risks with accurate data logs.

Close the communication loop.
Mobile collaboration tools are built for the site, making it easy for everyone to have a clear understanding of what needs to get done every day to stay on schedule and prevent rework.

Efficiently capture and manage all project correspondence
Everything is easily accessible in one place to minimise risk and mitigate project disputes

Project Financials

Budget wisely.
Manage change from the site in real time—creating budgets that more accurately reflect where your budget stands at any moment. Generate detailed financial reports to see how your spending decisions affect projected profits at close out.

Course correct.
Identify and track critical costs with forecasting tools that show you what to do today to make up for yesterday’s overspending and delays.

Meet deadlines.
Reduce project delays by empowering project teams with access to the real-time data they need to quickly resolve disputes and initiate change.

Procore construction software
Procore construction software

Quality & Safety

The highest quality build, in a safer environment.
Understand, predict, and correct issues before they become a problem.

Purpose-built for the site.
These tools are built for the site, making it easy for site teams to contribute to and comply with construction safety regulations and quality specifications.

Execute from one controlled location.
All the necessary documentation, reference materials and records needed to ensure standards are met with verification methods that create accountability along the way.

Understand what’s leading to greater risk.
More information from site teams means greater insight into the root causes of quality and safety issues, risky behaviours, near misses, and incidents.

Design Coordination

Break down silos for breakthrough efficiency.
Get to “clash-free” faster and prevent rework before construction begins.

Increase accountability.
Track who is falling behind—helping you get “clash-free“ models faster.

Save time.
Elevate any issue in Design Coordination to an RFI within our platform and attach issue context to simplify communication.

Work better together in one place.
Bridge the gap between your project teams in one centralised hub—allowing you to leverage the knowledge of all collaborators and improve performance and predictability.

Procore construction software
Procore construction software

Invoice Management

Keep cash flowing.
Stop billing delays from turning into building delays—get paid faster with simplified invoice collection, review, and approval.

Bill accurately.
Have confidence that subcontractor payment applications match the amount of work completed and no payment applications have been missed.

Prevent overbilling
Verify work completed
Reduce rework on invoices

Bill collaboratively.
Streamline communication across billing stakeholders so that everyone has access to the latest information in a format that everyone can understand.

Speed up billing turn around
Easily approve or reject invoiced amounts

Easily track invoices.
Forget logging in to multiple systems. Simplify subcontractor billing with tools designed to quickly collect, review, and approve invoiced amounts in one organised place.

Save hours each month versus invoicing with a basic spreadsheet
Be assured you are working with the most up to date invoices

Tender Management

Tender faster. Win more.
Procore Tender Management streamlines your tendering process – making it easier to create, send, and collect tenders all in one platform.

Send out tenders in minutes.
Easily create, manage, and track tender invitations.

Keep everything in one place.
Increase visibility into the entire tendering process.

Procore construction software

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procore construction software

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