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Backing your business to connect, understand, and plan better together.

Every day, we back businesses like yours to connect, understand and plan better.
Our platform brings together all your data and your people — so everyone can do more. With Phocas software, you’ll know what moves to make as you’re free to explore your data, your way. We’re the all-in-one platform for business planning and analytics — connecting everyone with the information they need, when they need it.

Phocas products empower you to analyze data, manage rebates, build budgets and forecasts, and create dynamic custom financial reports. Our products work together smoothly to make it easier for you to better plan your financial future and run your business day-to-day. We partner with many ERP systems, so we know exactly how to put your data to work, in a way that suits you.

With Phocas on your team, tasks are automated, information flows freely, and your people can focus on doing the work they want to do. This is why we built our platform and it’s how we make people feel good about data.

This is why we built our platform and it’s how we make people feel good about data.

About the Platform

One purpose-built platform

Connect, understand and plan together in one place. Analyze your data, manage rebates, build budgets and forecasts and share dynamic financials across your business

Made for your ERP

Get up and running easily with tech designed to get data out of your ERP and transform it into clear, useful information that can help you steer your business forward

Human-friendly tech

Our interface is designed for non-techies, it’s easy to learn and has been built for everyone in your business to use

Your data, your way

Get the metrics and reports that suit your teams’ needs. With Phocas, you can customize then automate everything you need for more agile operations

Secure, fast and reliable

Our platform can handle tons of data and allows you to automate day-to-day tasks, it responds quickly and can keep pace with your team

We get you

Our team understand the needs of businesses just like yours – we partner with thousands of mid-market organisations to serve the exact services, support and features our customers need


Smarter, faster analytics

Phocas AI just turbo-charged the way you do analytics. When you need an answer, just ask.

  • Type in a quick question, and get instant answers about customers, products or sales.
  • Finance, sales, purchasing, inventory teams can tap into insights fast – even people with limited experience – at every level of your business.
  • Phocas software AI shows the steps taken to answer queries, meaning no more guess work, just clear results.

Freely explore any way you like

Understand and improve the business at any level. See any kind of detail at an employee level you want so that your teams know where to focus their energy.

  • Phocas’ unique Grid is an ad-hoc analysis layer that allows free-form analysis.
  • Drill down from high-level dashboards to cost centre, GL code and transactional-level data for the ordered detail.
  • Users can create and save reports, alerts and dashboards to answer the questions relevant to their role and needs.


Save time with effortless financial statements with Phocas software

  • Automatically consolidate financial (GL, AP, AR) and operational data
  • Create income statement, balance sheet and cashflow statements in just a few clicks
  • Ditch manual spreadsheets for real-time confidence in your reports
  • Leverage prebuilt templates, formulas and ratios
  • Empower non-financial users with self-service reporting, relieving pressure on finance and freeing up time for trend analysis

Customise financial statements with ease

  • Effortlessly customise financial statements without complex SQL or continuously outsourcing changes at an additional cost
  • Include various reporting levels; multi entity, branch, country, cost centres, without the need for complex data manipulation
  • Create and save custom filters such as product, customer or time period – apply them to reports to make then more targeted
  • Add visualizations or calculations such as EBIT, margins and ratios that update automatically


Budgeting and forecasting can be taxing, with various departments struggling to access and consolidate vital data. Version control issues and broken formulas make the manual planning process time-consuming. Managing expectations is hard with static budgets quickly becoming outdated or losing relevance.

Make manual, static budgeting a thing of the past, with Phocas software.

  • An intuitive interface worksheet design offers a familiar format to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Swiftly navigate the budget worksheet, securely assign tasks, add commentary to cells, and gain full visibility of changes in real time.
  • Carry out what-if and scenario analysis to streamline decision-making.
  • The rate of user adoption is a direct reflection of ease of use – 97% of users recommend Phocas.

3-Statement budgeting software

  • Stay on-top of your cash position?. Effective three-way budgeting and forecasting syncs automatically so you always have an accurate understanding of your cash position.
  • Use your profit and loss to drive your balance sheet and cashflow forecasts.
  • Confidently forecast your future balance sheet position and financial health.
  • Gain full visibility of cashflow peaks and troughs throughout the year.
  • Use mini drivers (pre-designed templates covering debtors, creditors and stock) to seamlessly budget or forecast your balance sheet items so your cash flow better reflects reality.

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