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How you can take advantage of the new Project management systems

project management software

How you can take advantage of the new Project management systems

The rise of Construction Project Management systems

A Few years ago, some bright people decided to create software for Project Managers and Operations people. They saw that the systems of the day were mainly accounting focused and did not really give the Operations people what they needed.

Several factors drove the evolution of this technology

– Lack of Real-Time Information or, more accurately, the extended amount of time it took to get the data processed from the field

– The massive increase in Project documentation caused by Contracts, Regulation and Compliance

– The Industry demanding better tools to manage projects

– And more recently, with the pandemic, the industry needs mobile and web-based solutions

The adoption of these systems helps everyone in a Construction business

If you are in the Back Office – Accounting and Administration

You can Change the workload from the Back Office to the Front Office

The very time-consuming functions that the back office has traditionally done can now be significantly streamlined by the data that comes from operations.

– Entering Time Sheets, Paying employees and posting the time to jobs

– Matching Purchase Orders with Invoices and getting them approved

– Processing Progress Claims so we can get paid

– Moving data around so that you can give management the reports they need



Connect the Front and Back Office with Site Project Management software

If you are in the Front Office – Project Management and Operations

Just some of the things you can do now include: 

– Capture the Site information when it happens

– Control PO’s, Documents, Site Diaries, Variations, RFI’s etc

– Have Time Sheets entered

– Everything is live and web-based

– Have the Cost Control data online and Live

– Book the Materials against the Order and take a picture of the Delivery Docket

Buyer Beware Clause

Having said that, you can get all of these great benefits for a construction business; the Project Management and the Accounting software must be integrated as much as possible. It is not time-saving if the data has to be re-entered.

Many APPS do one or two things well but don’t talk to any other products. The best Project Management systems do most of the functions and have live links to the accounting system.

If you are using Project management software, it should see the following:

– Employees

– Jobs

– Cost Codes

– Equipment

What does this all mean?

If you implement a Construction Project Management system linked to your accounting system, you will

Save lots of time and $$$$

Run your Projects better

Control your Documents and Communication

Have a happier business

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