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My favourite Sage CRE reports (by an accountant who loves reports)

Sage CRE Reports

My favourite Sage CRE reports (by an accountant who loves reports)

As an accountant and a Thrive consultant, it’s no secret that I love nothing better than a good hearty reconciliation and the reports that make it jive together.  Below is a list of my all-time favourite go-to Sage CRE reports.

General Ledger

Year-to-date Ledger – I absolutely love this report.  It offers so much flexibility to view general ledger transactions by account and it is my number one GL report.  Use the Modify date range check box if you only want a specific month or leave unchecked to default to th entire current financial year.  Use the Range and Condition functions to isolate accounts, companies, divisions – the list is endless.

The reports menu trial balance can’t be back-dated like a financial statement, but this reports never tells a lie and is fast to run.  Use ranges and conditions to slice and dice your data and the moment this Trial Balance doesn’t balance, it means you have some unposted batches.

Financial statements – what accountant doesn’t love a set of financial statement.  Whether you are printing yours via GL Financial Statements, Office Connector or any other reporting tool, a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Trial Balance are essential to your business.

Accounts Payable

An Invoice Ageing report with cut off date is an AP essential.  Detailing what is open in AP the cut off date allows the report to be backdated to reconcile to your GL control account.

The Invoices Selected For Payment is a wonderful way to confirm your AP payment run before processing.

Accounts Receivable

Similar to AP, an AR Ageing Detail Report is essential to your repertoire.  The cut off date allows you to back date the report to balance to the GL control account.  I prefer the Crystal versions (the reports that have (CR) at the end of the report name), but it’s just an appearance preference. 

Cash Management

Love them or hate them, there is no avoiding a bank reconciliation in any accounting system.  There is nothing more satisfying than a bank rec coming together followed by a Bank Reconciliation report.

The Register report in Sage CRE is also a great detail report of all bank entries for a time period.  A great report to tie the register balances between the Reconciliation report and the GL accounts for the same period.

Job Cost

My favourite Job Cost go-to isn’t actually a report, it’s an Inquiry.  The All Entries inquiry (JC / Inquiry / Entries / All Entries) tells me everything I need to know about a job.  Use the Filter option to select a specific job or transaction group that you are looking for and export to excel for instant detailed transaction analysis.

The Profit (as of date) report is a great snap shot summary report of job profitability.

The Committed Cost With Detail report shows the details and amounts invoiced against every purchase and subcontract order.

The list of Job Cost reports is endless with the majority of clients having very specific reporting needs.  If you are running a custom report, perhaps it is time to review it to make sure it’s giving you exactly what you need.  It may even be time to give it a facelift and add drill downs so it works ever harder for you.

The above is a very brief list of my favourite reports.  Did you know Sage CRE has over 2500 standard reports?  If you still can’t find a report that gives you exactly what you want please contact the Helpdesk at and we can point you in the right direction.