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Realise the power of Sage MicrOpay payroll

Sage MicrOpay is a powerful payroll and HR management solution for businesses across all industries. Sage MicrOpay is developed in Australia with functionality specifically designed to address the HR management and payroll requirements that are unique to Australian employment conditions and legislation.

We are dedicated to providing a payroll and HR management software solution for your business that is:


  • Integrated with your existing third party applications to streamline data and work smarter. 
  • Intuitive and logical in design to reduce the time spent on payroll and HR management processes. 
  • Cost effective software that reduces costs and uncovers valuable information about your workforce performance.
  • Supported with access to extensive support, training and services to help you get the most out of Sage MicrOpay.
sage micropay payroll software

On-Premise or online solution

We offer a variety of deployment options for Sage MicrOpay to suit the payroll and HR management needs of your business.  Over time your needs may change and Sage MicrOpay offers the flexibility to change how you deploy your software solution.


  • On-Premise:  this option is suitable for businesses who want to retain control of their IT and technical infrastructure. Sage MicrOpay is deployed on your own IT infrastructure and processed in-house.
  • Online: our solution for businesses who want to leave it to the specialists to manage the IT component of their payroll and HR systems.

Key business insights at your fingertips

The Sage MicrOpay suite holds key insights for decision making and workforce planning. Your payroll administrators can easily generate and distribute critical HR data to management directly from Sage MicrOpay.

Stay on top of business reports with the ability to schedule reports to automatically be saved to file, printed or sent by email on specific dates or continuously for specific time periods.

Everyday queries and employee information can be analysed directly on-screen and insights about pay history, leave history, salary rate changes and pay advices can be easily accessed.

Sage Wage Easy payroll
Sage Construction and Real Estate Software Payroll

Efficient and accurate payroll processing with MicroPay payroll

Payroll processing can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be. Sage MicrOpay payroll software makes life easier for businesses of all types and industries throughout Australia.


  • Efficient: Sage MicrOpay automates processes and calculations and its intuitive and logical design reduces the time spent on each step of payroll and HR management.  The three main steps to payroll processing; maintenance, transactions and reports, can easily be found by system tree or drill down icons. 
  • Accurate: Sage MicrOpay ensures accuracy with warnings and reminders at key stages of the pay run, so that any anomalies or missing employee information can be checked before the process is completed. 

Compliant with latest legislation

Sage are experts in the payroll and HR management industries and have high level knowledge of market trends and legislation changes. 
Our Australian Development Team works closely with government departments to ensure that Sage MicrOpay software is up-to-date with the ever changing payroll and HR legislation and regulations such as Single Touch Payroll and GDPR.
sage micropay payroll software
Sage Wage Easy payroll

Comprehensive HR management capabilities

Gain greater strategic insight with our intuitive HR solutions that seamlessly integrate with Sage MicrOpay to deliver powerful employee lifecycle management and HR and WHS compliance.


  • Employee life cycle management: Our HR management solutions strive to drive your business efficiency and help you get the most out of every employee. The Sage MicrOpay HR enhanced feature provides your business with detailed employee records, OH&S, organisation charts, salary packaging, training and recruitment.
    Sage MicrOpay can also integrate with ConnX and enableHR, Sage’s talent management solutions that empower you to acquire, manage, retain and engage talent.

Cloud-based employee self-service

A reimagined employee self-service cloud application, Sage ESS empowers your employees to manage and access their data anytime anywhere. It offers a simple and familiar user interface, improving productivity and employee engagement.

Sage ESS integrates seamlessly with Sage MicrOpay payroll and equips you to manage your payroll in house conveniently and securely. Sage ESS is designed for people, not processes.

sage micropay payroll software

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Sage Micropay payroll software

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