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Intelligent Purchasing & Accounts Payable

Purchasing  | Data Extraction  | Approvals  |  Reporting

Consolidate your purchasing, bookkeeping and Bill approval within one intuitive cloud platform with the world’s fastest Purchasing and AP automation software.

Key Features

Purchase Orders
Line Item Data Extraction
Automated Bookkeeping
Automated Statement Reconciliation

Who Does It Suit?

Oil, Gas & Energy
Professional Services


Allow your team members to easily create Purchase Orders and automatically route them to the appropriate approver(s) for approval in browser, mobile app or directly from within an email. 3-way match your POs with your Goods Received Notes (GRN – delivery note) and supplier bill (invoice).

The features that power Lightyear Purchase Orders:

Create PO

Allow your team members to Create detailed purchase orders for Services and/or Products. Lightyear recognises your products and intelligently auto populates all the details from your suppliers item’s catalogue.


Lightyear’s automated approvals workflow routes Purchase Orders to the correct Approver, seamlessly without user input. Approve by browser, Lightyear’s mobile app or directly from your email inbox. Whether you have a simple or complex workflow, Lightyear evolves to meet your needs.


Lightyear sends your purchase order directly to your suppliers email address for one click acceptance. Lightyear can send documents from your company’s usual email address to ensure consistency of communications.


Supplier acceptance

See immediately when a supplier has accepted your order request and track the status. Supplier’s can chose to reply with a message via a one click link in the email.


Goods received tracking

Keep track of your received and outstanding stock via Lightyear’s ‘GRN’ feature. This enables you to acknowledge and mark off individual line items that have been received from multiple deliveries. Attach a digital copy of your delivery dockets to the PO for audit purposes.


No touch – 3-way matching

Lightyear’s pioneering software automatically 3-way matches line items from your purchase orders with your GRNs and your supplier’s bills.


Budgets – (Coming soon)

Easily control spend with Lightyear’s budgets. Set budgets by Departments, Project and Company by time period.







Lightyear is your new processing specialist – faster, more efficient and more cost effective than manual data-entry. Free your team from the cost and monotony of data-entry. Lightyear’s Extraction Automation (LExA) uses proprietary machine learning to instantly and accurately extract line by line detail from unlimited pages in real time.

The features that power our Data Extraction:


LExA extracts line-item data from digital documents in less than 2 seconds from system generated PDFs and less than 2 minutes from image files.





Immediate M
Multi-currency M

100% accurate data from digital native PDF’s and 99%+ accuracy from clean scanned images.






Lightyear automatically extracts unlimited line items and their data including product codes, description, quantity, tax and unit prices, at no additional cost.  Make smarter business decisions by analysing richer data.





Detailed M
Smart Validation M
Smart Validation

Lightyear’s intelligent validation engine cross checks totals and taxes. This will allow you to immediately see when line item prices, totals, and taxes are incorrect by highlighting the disputed items.





Duplicate Detection

If the system detects a duplicate, we will flag it with a red duplication icon on both copies for you to review in your account. Simply delete the document that you don’t need. Never over pay a supplier again.





Duplicates M
Multi-currency M

Lightyear is the solution for global businesses.  Lightyear automatically detects and extracts international currencies from your supplier documents.






Bookkeeping automation at its finest, Lightyear combines simplicity, practicality and innovation to bring you one of the most intuitive Bookkeeping Automation engine’s on the market.

The features that power our Bookkeeping Automation:


Teach Lightyear your business preferences and let the us automate the bookkeeping of all your line items.




Create Smart Automation Rules based on supplier, product codes, descriptions or document keywords to make your business as handsfree as possible.






Lightyear’s Extraction Automation (LExA) extracts not only your line items, but also product codes, descriptions, unit price, tax rates and quantities. We provide you with all the information you need without you having to lift a finger.



Automate everything

Automate your general ledger coding, tracking categories, cost centres, departments and locations.





Automated price checking

Lightyear can automatically price check your line items against your Purchase Order or against your agreed upon supplier pricing and alert you to inconsistencies. Never overpay a supplier again.





Approve your supplier documents (purchase orders, bills/invoices, credit notes, receipts) with one click in an automated multi-tier approvals workflow. With up to 5 levels of approval, Lightyear sends your documents to the correct person(s) based on various customisable triggers such as bill value or supplier.

Whether you are an SME or a large business with multiple locations across the world, Lightyear has the flexibility to accommodate your business needs.

The features that power the Approvals workflow:

Multi-tiered approvals workflow

Route all your documents through a multi-tiered approvals workflow to get one click approval at each stage. Lightyear provides you with up to 5 levels of approval on every document.



Automated Approvals M
Approvals customisation M

Lightyear can customise your approvals workflow to be as simple or as complex as your business requires. You can even send documents through the system to specific people(s) automatically based on various triggers such as the value amount of the bill.



Collaborate with your team

Revitalise internal communications by using our notification system to approve bills in browser, email and even on the go with our iOS and Android mobile companion app.


Approvals collaborate 2 M
Approvals send to other people M
Send approvals to external people

Extend your approvals capabilities beyond your organisation. You can send approval requests to people who are outside your Lightyear account or your company e.g. suppliers, contractors etc… Extend your approvals capabilities beyond your organisation.


Audit trail

Every click, every interaction, everything you do in Lightyear is recorded and forms part of the audit trail of every document. Provide your auditor with read-only access to your archive to perform audits from anywhere.

Approvals Audit Trail M
Approvals Dispute M
Dispute bills

Not ready to approve a bill immediately? Mark it as disputed to set it aside until you are ready to approve.

Collaborate with your team

Add notes to each of your bills to keep track of everything related to that bill, you can even tag individuals and they will be notified instantly. No more attaching emails from disparate systems to your invoices.

Approvals collaborate 2 M
Approvals Attachment M
Attach docs to bills

You can attach additional documentation to each bill including emails, GRNs or delivery notes.


Get back days of your time by automating your supplier statement reconciliation. Lightyear automatically compares every line of your statement with all of your supplier bills (invoices) and credit notes.

The features that power your Supplier Statement Reconciliation:
Immediate data extraction

Lightyear’s Extraction Automation (LExA) instantly extracts all important information including, statement date, balance and line data.

Touchless auto reconciliation

Lightyear auto-reconciles your all supplier statements so you only have to handle statements with missing docs.

Communicate with your suppliers

Missing some documentation? Lightyear will auto-populate an email to your suppliers with details of the missing documentation and you can send this in 2 clicks.

Keep a record of your reconciled statements

Archive and find all your reconciled statements for 1 year in your Lightyear archive.


Leverage the power of the cloud and keep multiple software systems up to date with Lightyear’s integrations. We provide a 2-way sync between multiple softwares to pull and push different pieces of data.

The features that power our Integrations:

Easy setup

Authorise and connect to Accounting and inventory systems with a couple of clicks during your initial setup.

Easy Set Up M
2 Way data syny M
2 way data sync

Lightyear both pushes and pulls data from your accounting system, for example, creating new supplier profiles from within Lightyear will automatically push that information through to your accounting software. Meaning no double entry.

API partners

Lightyear has integrated with the leading accounting and inventory softwares in the SME and mid-market range. Transfer 100% accurate data and never type up another bill again.

Sync API M
Smart Validation M
ERP or Accounting software

Lightyear comes with an export widget to customise your export file to suit your desktop software. Remove human error and keep all your systems in sync with your Accounts Payable data.

Inventory software

Get real-time stock data in your inventory system by syncing your stock and quantity data from your supplier bills with your stock management system.

Sync Stock purchases M

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