How IPM construction management software can push your business into the future

IPM construction project management

How IPM construction management software can push your business into the future

Construction Project Management Software – you have heard the term – you are pretty sure your business needs one to move to the next level – but what the heck does it actually do??? Come with me now as I take you on a tour of the top 6 reasons you should be using IPM construction project management software.


IPM is built on the Microsoft PowerPlatform, part of the Office 365 Environment – which means it integrates with Outlook, Office365, Dynamics CRM and ERP. These integrations make access to information quicker, easier and will save your business time (and money)

2. Fully customisable

With IPM, you get extensive functionality out of the box. Still, if you need something a little different, you can tailor your Construction Management and Operations system to your requirements. Use Power Apps, extensive workflows and customisable screens to get what you need on your PC’s and Mobile devices.

3. Reporting

IPM reporting out of the box is quite extensive. Data is displayed at the users’ fingertips, and you can easily create dashboards and queries to discover more insight into your company.

4 Planning and Forecasting

The Job Tasks Progress view is a powerful scheduling tool that creates a dynamic visual representation of every task within a project. Using an interactive Gantt chart, the Job Tasks Progress displays scheduling data, budget and costs information and detailed forecasts. With the IPM Job Tasks Progress view, all of the project information you need to see is right in front of you.

When working with complex projects, the Job Tasks Progress view gives you a comprehensive picture of everything you are working on. In a single screen, you can view and edit the start and finish dates of tasks, view budget allocation details, view cash flow reports – all in real-time.

5. Document control

IPM controls the status and distribution of all your important project documents such as RFIs, Drawings and Transmittal’s, Defect notices, Site instructions and more. All your email communication is stored against each document, using the outlook integration.

6. Access information from anywhere

Your project management team can access information whether at the office, on the road or at a job site. Mobilise diaries and daily reports so field staff can update site information, delivery details, job progress, variations and orders, incidents and weather, all from their device. You can also give site personnel access to RFIs, risks, issues and any other function IPM offers. The information entered into the app integrates with the central IPM database, so everyone on the team is working from the same page.

Now you have a much broader understanding of construction management software and the benefits it can bring to your business and bottom line. Head to our website to learn more about IPM construction project management software HERE, or get in touch with our team RIGHT NOW to find out how IPM could be the best decision you have made for your business this year.