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2024 IPM Construction Management

IPM Construction Project Management software is a scalable and fully integrated Project Management software for construction, engineering and project based industries. IPM is a highly Customisable Project Management system.

IPM Construction Project management software offers real-time 360-degree views of project financials and operations, backed by comprehensive reporting.

Customize your Construction Management and Operations system using Power Apps, extensive workflows, and customizable screens on PCs and Mobile devices.

IPM Project Management prioritizes user-friendliness, making it a quick and easy-to-use project management software tool that your staff will love.


IPM makes Contract Management easy with better access to project data, quick links to contract information and a streamlined process that optimises the letting of a contract. By utilising the Outlook® integration, project managers can create, send and receive Change Requests, Change Orders and Subcontract Change Orders all from the one location. Risk can also be significantly reduced with built in work flow rules preventing common administrative errors associated with contract management.

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IPM controls the status and distribution of all your important project documents such as RFIs, Drawings and Transmittal’s, Defect notices, Site instructions and others. Leveraging the outlook integration, all the email communication is stored against each document.


Experience the dynamic scheduling power of Job Tasks Progress! Visualize tasks with an interactive Gantt chart, including scheduling, budget, costs, and forecasts. All project data at your fingertips in one place. Simplify complex projects with real-time editing, budget details, and cash flow reports – all on a single screen.

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With IPM on the Microsoft PowerPlatform cloud, access the system on your mobile device. Tailor individual apps for different roles, simplifying the user experience by showing only relevant information.

Mobilise site diaries and daily reports, enabling updates on site information, delivery details, job progress, change requests, incidents, and weather from any device. Provide site personnel access to RFIs, risks, issues, and more. All information entered in the app syncs with the main IPM database, ensuring everyone works seamlessly together.


Track resource usage effortlessly with IPM Timesheet functionality. Record resource hours by resource and day of the week for employees, materials, or equipment. Timesheets can be sorted by resource or job and copied between weeks. Users can complete individual Timesheets in the My Timesheets section, which can be grouped into Timesheet batches for each job. Streamline your project resource management with ease.

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IPM construction software

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