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Intacct Web Services API


Sage Intacct web services API

Empower your organisation with an ecosystem of integrated solutions.


Flexibility and customisation

More than 300 supported API methods
right software solution
Access to all standard and custom objects and fields
Increase accounting Standard create, read, update, delete, plus more
Financial-specific APIs like account balance
Initiate from within or without Sage Intacct
Initiate from within or without Sage Intacct
Open API based on structured XML-RPC
Open documentation of XML requests
Authenticates every request using credentials
business needs
API test tool a user interface
Upgrades will not break custom integrations

Integration is standard with Sage Intacct

As a best-in-class financial management platform, Sage Intacct was built from the ground up to integrate with other best-in-class solutions. Most customers integrate at least two external applications with Sage Intacct, which provides the flexibility to choose the best options for your organisation. In addition, our platform services help accelerate customisation with infrastructure solutions built to match unique business requirements.


Support complex business processes with integrations

Complex processes unique to your business often require extracting data for processing, then posting results. Sage Intacct’s open APIs make interacting with data not only possible, but relatively simple.

Open APIs allow multiple, stable, secure integrations

Technology advancements, like SDKs and resource white listing, make integrations between systems quicker, secure, and reliable. Language-agnostic APIs rely on XML requests and responses. Roughly 60% of Sage Intacct transactions post using Web Services.



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