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Intacct Project costing and billing


Project costing and billing

Simplified project billing brings new levels of efficiency to transform how your professional services firm bills projects, with Sage Intacct project costing and billing.


Simplicity and efficiency

profit margins

Improve profit margins with better data


Lower costs by streamlining billing


Make it easy for your team to get information

Easily and quickly handle project costing and billing complexities

Project-based companies in engineering, consulting, and other professional services face a more diverse mix of clients and projects–and that leads to increasing complexities. You want to bid smarter based on historical profitability.

Meanwhile, clients want different billing terms and invoice formats/data. That’s where Sage Intacct shines, with a comprehensive project-billing solution to streamline and simplify this critical process.


Cost projects more accurately

Your professional services firm needs a project costing and financial management platform to match the way you work. Whether you just need to track expenses by projects, identify unbilled research and development costs, or run billable services projects for clients, Sage Intacct project costing and billing software have answers you need.

We show you the true financial impact of past projects, so you can make smarter project bids. By tying into your CRM system, Sage Intacct shows you what’s in the pipeline, so you line up the right people and materials and turn bids into projects without manual data re-entry.

Faster invoicing and billing for improved cash flow

With Sage Intacct project costing and billing software, you can combine different billing terms on a single project or multiple projects and deliver a consolidated invoice. You can base invoices on time and materials, fixed fees and milestones, or percentage completion.

Apply any custom invoice templates based on a specific project for each customer and configure invoices to individual client formatting specifications. With Sage Intacct, you save money and time while improving cash flow.


Reduce revenue leakage

Sage Intacct project costing and billing software cuts revenue leakage through an integrated process spanning sales, finance, and operations.

Personalised dashboards give you real-time visibility into budget vs. actuals, billed versus unbilled expenses, and billable hours versus unbillable hours. You can even track change orders and not-to-exceed amount triggers so you can carefully manage the project and adjust plans as needed.

Automated revenue recognition

You need flexible billing terms to win and keep clients, but that can also make it difficult to comply with rules and controls and meet stringent GAAP requirements.

Sage Intacct uses the same data for automated billing and revenue recognition. However, automated billing schedule is separate from automated revenue-recognition schedule, so you can do what’s right for your customers–and stay compliant.



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Red Door Interactive – case study

Red Door Interactive is a leading full-service marketing agency, with employees all over the globe. Using Sage Intacct, it streamlined processes that have freed up time for the finance team to work on more strategic tasks.
intacct case study

Project Accounting Software Evaluation Guide

As your professional or technical services company grows, the complexity of your business only increases. Soon, the simple, manual processes that served you well become time-intensive, draining your team’s productivity. Our guide explains more.

David Wholdwend
Vice President of Finance and Accounting, ModSquad

Before deploying Sage Intacct, we envisioned CRM, time tracking, and finance systems that worked seamlessly together to automate our entire book-to-bill cycle. Now, that vision is a reality.

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