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Implementing an “expensive” system into your business


Implementing an “expensive” system into your business

We have a little saying at Thrive, whenever we hear about a business using an off-the-shelf software system that only addresses one part of their operation, we call this a ‘dinky toy’.

Off the shelf? Good luck!

Why? Because while these point solutions are good within its own boundaries, they have a limited capability in what they can actually achieve for a business on a broader scale. Plus, when there are multiple systems in place the quality of information is compromised. Every business is unique, therefore a more tailored and integrated approach is needed.

The reason software implementation can be seen as costly is because what we’re doing is taking a fully configurable platform and molding it around your business. We’re not trying to take a cheap, generic software solution and fit your business around the platform.

Ultimately, we find with our customers that when they commit to implementing a system that fits within their goals they ultimately save and make more money. Instead of wasting valuable hours on a system that isn’t providing any real assistance.

The whole reason we implement software into your business, is to make your processes better. This may be creating more feel visibility with your service software employees, it could be creating a fully integrated budgeting tool between your accounts department and project managers. Whatever the goal, it must be considered if the software can achieve this.

We frequently see businesses persist with software solutions that are not designed for the way that business operates. This ultimately erodes the efficiency it was initially intended to create.

Imagine you run a construction company and you want to find a way to connect the accounts department with the project management department whilst creating a bespoke software solution with unique fields, tabs and input areas that allow you to put in information that is specific to each individual project.

You would have a headache doing this with an off-the-shelf ‘dinky toy’. This requires a properly configured platform that delivers a solutions based strategy and allows you to work towards a common goal.