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How to save yourself from the pain of crypto-virus

Protect your business from crypto-virus

How to save yourself from the pain of crypto-virus

The first time you will notice that something is wrong, is when a strange new error pops up on your screen, INCOMPATIBLE DATA,I’m sorry, what?? it was working yesterday…. or the other one PASSWORD ERROR… seriously, granted I am on my first coffee, but I KNOW that my password is correct.

You will be able to access your computer, however, your access will be limited or non existent to some files, these will normally include your accounting files, those all important numbers that you need everyday to run your business.

What is a crypto-virus?

The Crypto virus is also known as the CryptoLocker virus is a form of ransomware that encrypts files on your computer. Then a time limit is set in which you have to pay the ransom otherwise your files are destroyed. To decrypt them, you have to get a private key from the ransomware creator. Once you are infected with a crypto-virus, your files are effectively gone forever.

So, how do you protect your business from a crypto-virus?

There are two key ways to protect yourself and your business from these type of threats.

  1. Install a good anti-virus on your computers and run regular scans. A scan can spot the Crypto Virus ransomware before you open it and install it on your computer. Saving you hours of pain and lost time.
  2. Create a schedule of regular backups. This backup needs to cover all of your business’s vital data. Ensuring this is done will allow you to do a full system restore in the off chance a virus gets past you AND your antivirus software.

Data Backups are vital to your business

If you don’t have a data backup procedure in place for your business applications, Thrive highly recommends you talk to your IT Administrator and consider the following when formulating a plan:

  • Make sure when you back up a file, all of its subfolders are also included
  • Schedule your backups for off-peak times. Most business applications require its users to be out of the program while a file backup takes place.
  • Always back up the entirety of your data
  • Review your backup to make sure you have included all the data you need
  • Check your backups regularly to ensure you can retrieve your data if necessary- a backup that can’t be restored is not useful to anyone.
  • Store your backups on media outside your business premises.

We hope that these few tips can help you protect your business from a crypto-virus. For regular hints & tips follow us on social media, or if you need assistance with a specific concern, send us an email.  We are here to help your business thrive.