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Building a Stronger Future: How the changing needs of the construction industry are reshaping software

construction software needs

Building a Stronger Future: How the changing needs of the construction industry are reshaping software

Over the last 20 years, there have been significant changes in the Construction Industry, and they have a considerable effect on what software you need to run your business effectively.

Back in the day, most construction companies emphasised getting their jobs on time and on budget, so software primarily concentrated on Cost Control, but this has changed.

So What’s Changed


Once upon a time, the only documentation we needed to care about was Contracts and Sub Contracts, which were required to avoid Litigation. 

But nowadays, we need a lot more information on hand to back up these claims, items such as; 

  • Notices of Delay / Extension of Time
  • Site Diaries
  • Meeting Minutes
  • RFI’s 

Adding to this already significantly increasing list, we now have all of the Site Documents and requirements, SWMS, OH&S, Equipment Prestarts etc.

The list can seem endless and is continually getting longer – as the projects and the industry become more complex and controlled by regulations and legalities. 

Payroll and People Systems

Not that long ago, we just paid people, so Payroll software concentrated solely on gross wages. 

Now we have many other things we need to cater for. 

  • Awards
  • Allowances
  • EBA’s
  • Onboarding
  • Skills and Competencies
  • More Tax department governance
  • Compliance

 You need to have access to the right tools and support to meet the growing regulatory and legislative requirements. Leverage real-time data to implement strategies for business growth and nurture opportunities in your workforce. As well as consolidating your people management and data into one secure and robust platform.

Your payroll system needs to be able to accommodate

  • Infinite costing levels
  • Flexible structuring
  • Numerous pay cycles
  • Multiple entities
  • Award interpretation
  • Compliance Requirements, and 
  • Customisable rules to suit different sites, awards, roles and shifts. 

A Connected World

We now have a connected world, meaning everyone wants access to data. You must ensure that your office and field staff have access to the most up-to-date and real-time information. Fortunately, now, data is mainly stored on the cloud, not on a server in the office, which means that your staff can log in from anywhere. 

Adding to this, the speed of technology is ever-increasing – so apps and programs are constantly updating and improving with more functionality. 

So, how have these changes affected the construction software industry

We have seen the development of dedicated applications designed to be used on mobile devices. They can consolidate data from both the job site and the office, removing a lot of double handling and human error. 

Your business can save a lot of time and money with this instant access to information and communication. No more wasted time driving to the office to drop off timesheets, checking that you have the most up-to-date drawings, or getting requests for information right on the job site. 

What’s available

There are lots of applications now available on the market. 

Some examples are 

  • Payroll software which works on your phone, does Timesheets, leave requests, onboarding, EBA’s etc
  • Project management systems that do all of the Job and Site documents in the cloud
  • Dedicated Claims and Payment software in the cloud
  • Construction accounting systems in the cloud

How do I make this work for my business?

There is not one system in the market that will cover all of this functionality, so you have a few choices.

1 Get the apps you need to run the various parts of the business stand-alone. This can be messy – create double data entry, which can result in errors. This all costs you time and money. Having each part of your business running on a different unconnected app is not a way to ensure real insight and certainty over your numbers and data. 


2 The best solution is to look for an integrated software suite that all talks to each other, so you don’t need to rekey data. So, before you head down a Google rabbit hole looking into apps – which ones suit your business, which ones talk to each, and how the whole system will integrate together, call our team. 

At Thrive, we are the construction industry experts; we understand the complex world of documentation and regulation you work in. We offer a variety of solutions and will sit with you to understand your challenges and goals before offering suggestions on products that will work for you.

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