How to make your life easier with a good construction payroll system

Good construction payroll system

How to make your life easier with a good construction payroll system

As a consultant, I come across various challenges that our customers face daily. One of the most prominent issues I find is when a construction company uses a payroll system that is not created for the construction industry’s specific needs. 

 The Problems:

By using a standard payroll system, you will come up against some very real challenges for your team;

  • Manually calculating rates from timesheets may involve several different pay rates, allowances and shifts depending on the job site.
  • Needing to manually calculate and enter overtime
  • Manually calculating and adding allowances for each shift and project.
  • A constant back and forth between your accounts people and operational staff to ensure payroll is accurate and has the correct approvals
  • Payroll in this manner can take days to prepare and has a high rate of errors

The Solution:

There is a solution though, wouldn’t you prefer a faster, more accurate, intuitive payroll solution?

A construction-specific payroll solution gives you:

  • Automation of job, classification and award/agreement based allowances
  • The ability to assign an award/agreement to each job site and have the applicable award/agreement apply to the employee’s time as they move between job sites, even within a single pay period
  • The ability to automate the calculation of overtime, leave accruals including RDOs
  • Correct calculation of superannuation. Some construction industry awards/agreements have fixed super amounts; others use percentages.
  • The ability to assign an employee’s time to not only the job but also the cost centre (cost code)
  • The ability to assign a default classification to an employee, but to be able to modify this on timesheet entries where applicable and have the automatic allowances adjust accordingly

If you feel that your construction payroll system could do with an overhaul, give one of our industry experts a call at thrive on 1300 868 474, and let’s find a software solution that will make your payroll more manageable, faster and more efficient.