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Definitiv Payroll

Definitiv. The most flexible, cloud-based payroll and HR software in Australia. Bringing your people management onto one platform.

Definitiv cloud payroll software automates your payroll and HR administration so you can put your focus back into the operations.

Have access to the right tools and support to meet the growing regulatory and legislative requirements. Leverage real-time data to implement strategies for business growth and to nurture opportunities in your workforce, with Definitiv cloud payroll software.

Consolidate your people management and data into one secure and powerful platform.

Key Features

Employee Compliance
Time & Attendance
Employee Hub
Mobile App
Award Engine
Date-Driven Technology

Who Does It Suit?

Home Builders
Professional Services
Property Developers
Project Based Businesses
...and more!
Definitiv cloud payroll


Definitiv’s TimeClock App, makes clocking on and off simple for employees while ensuring you can track and manage your people, right down to the task at hand.

The Definitiv TimeClock has been built for real people in mind. Using modern technology, Definitiv makes clocking on and off simple yet secure.

  • Tap ‘n’ Go
  • Change Duties
  • Apply for leave
  • Stay operational

Award Engine

Definitiv’s Award Engine is the first of its kind. Instead of rigid, built-in awards or costly custom-developed awards and registered agreements, Definitiv empowers its customers by providing a 100% configurable Award Engine, allowing employers to create their own rules and conditions.

Create your own policies to match the awards and enterprise agreements in your business. Definitiv’s Award Engine caters for all pay rates, entitlements and allowances.

  • Drag ‘n’ Drop functionality
  • Flexibility
  • Versioning
Definitiv cloud payroll
definitiv payroll software

Definitiv cloud payroll software

Definitiv cloud payroll software equips you with one platform from time and attendance, through to the payroll processing. Streamlining payroll and removing the need for multiple systems, Definitiv eliminates file uploads, reduces manual intervention and increases compliance, to free up your time and energy.

Rather than having to conform to the constraints of a software with limited functionality, you can build a platform that suits the payroll needs of your business.

  • Infinite costing levels
  • Flexible structuring
  • Numerous pay cycles
  • Multiple entities
  • Award interpretation

Employee Compliance

Definitiv helps to safeguard your business from workforce-related risks. Equipping you with the compliance checks and notifications you need to remain productive and operational.

Staying on top of your people’s compliance records to meet operational and regulatory requirements can be a job in itself. Definitiv automates your compliance processes and helps to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Compliance Requirements
  • Configurable notifications
  • In-depth reporting
  • Compliance matrix
Definitiv cloud payroll
Definitiv cloud payroll


Provide a positive new starter experience before they even start
Automating the onboarding experience, Definitiv not only helps you to save on administration costs but also offers new team members a positive onboarding experience.

Although joining a new team can be exciting, it can also sometimes be a daunting experience. Definitiv’s cloud-based onboarding module offers new team members a modern, flexible and stress-free way to join your team.

  • Greater convenience
  • Easier to manage
  • Smoother transition


Definitiv’s rostering tool provides you with end-to-end visibility over your workforce. With all your jobs, projects and divisions in one place, Definitiv gives you the capability to cover all facets of your business with the right resources.

With greater flexibility and a friendly user experience, Definitiv accommodates your organisational requirements and will help save your business time with resource planning.

  • Auto-fill
  • Drag ‘n’ drop
  • Bulk fill positions
  • Roster templates
Definitiv cloud payroll
Definitiv cloud payroll

Definitiv Time & Attendance

Definitiv has been designed to help you have greater oversight over your labour costs and liabilities. With dynamic forms, detailed costing, and flexible provisions and accruals, Definitiv’s time and attendance works around your business.

Eliminate double entry of data, increase costing accuracy and have greater flexibility over approvals with Definitiv’s timesheets.

Have total control and transparency over your company’s leave management. With the capability and capacity to manage various accrual types, your people have total visibility over all their entitlements.

  • Customisable rules
  • Information in hand
  • Adjustable accrual balances
  • Prevent clashes

Definitiv Resources

Definitiv Payroll

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