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See how your business is REALLY doing with creative reports.

Creative business reporting

See how your business is REALLY doing with creative reports.

New perspectives on life usually happen after major life-changing events, new-years resolutions and ‘aha’ moments.

Whilst I can’t give you a life-changing event, I’m going to share some information that will provide you with a fresh new perspective on your business.

Data, use it.

Dead data is dead data. You have all of this information on your business’s history, and you’re not using it. By effectively tapping into it and identifying trends, outliers and anomalies, you can quite literally begin to understand your business and the way it truly operates exponentially more!

Get linking

Out of the box ERP systems generally have some pretty awesome reporting functions. But good reporting comes down to how effectively those reports are linked to other sections of the business.

Isolated reporting does not create an efficient cycle of information. You need to be able to correlate and cross-reference information.

Create a synergy

This also goes for platform synergy. Using multiple different systems between departments is going to create headaches when trying to correlate reports.

Yes…I can hear you say it. Customising a system to fit each department’s unique and specific needs can be difficult and time-consuming. But the value you will get out of the synergy of data will far outweigh the cost of input.

For example:

The distribution floor uses a unique system to track their inventory and report their inputs into system number 1. Whilst the field installation team is tracking all of their hours and expenses into system #2.

Understanding these two activities’ profitability, resources, and outcomes, becomes difficult when you have to export and correlate reports individually.

This erodes time and doesn’t give you everything you need!

Start loving data

This stuff is gold. It’s literally the life-blood of your organisation.

Think of it this way; everything you do in your business has a data footprint. It leaves a little mark. And enough of those marks makes a narrative.

By turning this data into a report, you can begin to develop insights that provide a genuinely holistic picture of your business.

It can allow you to look deeper, faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible.

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