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The ultimate list of Business Automation benefits.

business automation benefits

The ultimate list of Business Automation benefits.

How your company can cash in.

Business process automation is like flossing. There’s definitive data to prove it’s necessary, but there are plenty of reluctant, late adopters who are not entirely on board with committing to a new practice. The truth, however, is that every day spent resisting process automation is a day of efficiency lost.

A Formstack report titled The State of Workflow Automation 2018 revealed that managers spend an average of 8 hours per week on manual unstructured data tasks. 25% of respondents from the same survey spent an average of 20 hours per week on these manual tasks.

According to a global McKinsey survey conducted in 2018, 57 percent of respondents have initiated business process automation at their organisations and intend to further focus on scaling the effort. The survey results also suggest that larger organisations (40 percent) lead the way with implementing business process automation compared to small companies (25 percent).

Is your business among the reluctant sector being left behind? Are you not entirely convinced how business process automation can transform your business?

Benefits of Business Process Automation:

Here are the top 7 business process automation benefits.

1. Improved operational efficiency

Business process automation software brings a considerable number of operational benefits for organisations. To start with, automated processes are generally hands-off; this means that you won’t need to personally ensure that each task is being completed and moving on to the next.

Also, business process automation helps to identify and correct errors and bottlenecks in your workflows; this will contribute to higher efficiency overall.

2. Reduced costs

Manual business processes are almost always an enormous waste of staff time. With automation, your cost of operations is reduced, thereby increasing profit margins. Your team can be utilised more effectively, and wasted time is significantly reduced. Automation will allow your employees to focus on the things that make your business bigger, better and more profitable rather than getting stuck in the detail. 

3. Document management

Keeping track of your data and documents can be a nightmare. Having to find documents, keep track of RFIs and changes manually can be time-consuming and has a very high chance of mistakes.

When automation is used, it streamlines your document management completely, making it effortless. Data organisation and retrieval is simplified. Confidential data can be secured with role-based access. Accurate information moves smoothly between processes, increasing employee productivity by leaps and bounds.

4. Superior customer service

Automating your business process will allow you to boost your customer’s overall experience with your company. You will be able to ensure all licensing and certificates are maintained and updated, insurances are relevant, and staff on-site have all required tickers. Having these automations in place will create a high level of quality across your company that will generate greater customer satisfaction and improved efficiency. 

It is also worth noting, innovation in automation such as chatbots allow companies to resolve customer cases quickly and accurately through AI, heightening customer experiences.

5. Greater compliance

Maintaining compliance with industry and legal regulations can be the difference between making money and your site being shut down. Process automation can help businesses stay compliant easily. The other area the automation can assist is ensuring that your staff have the relevant and up to date certificates required for each site. This saves time remembering who is certified for each site and helps make the best use of your resources.

6. Improved employee morale

A surprising benefit to automation is increasing employee morale. Automation provides an easy environment for employees to get work done quickly. 

Faster approvals mean teams won’t waste time waiting and reminding managers. This visibility through your businesses processes helps high performers get the recognition they deserve. The time freed up by automation can motivate employees to innovate and improve the way work is done.

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