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bizprac software

Bizprac is a complete construction business management software system designed for Australian residential & commercial builders.

Have access to the right tools and support to meet the growing regulatory and legislative requirements. Leverage real-time data to implement strategies for business growth and to nurture opportunities in your workforce.

Why we’ve partnered with Bizprac Construction Management software?

  • Bizprac will save you time & money from quote to completion.
  • You can track costs against your budget in real-time to see if you are on track to make a profit.
  • Bizprac automatically tracks building retentions to make sure you are ATO compliant.
  • The software is Australian designed and supported
  • Bizprac has been continually developed for 30 years

Thrive has worked closely with Bizprac to ensure every implementation runs smoothly and on time.

Key Features

Estimating & Quoting
Ordering & Procurement
Job Control
Job Costing
Single Touch Payroll
Builder Retentions
Asset Management

Who Does It Suit?

Home Builders
Property Developers
bizprac estimating software


Bizprac’s estimating module is the perfect construction estimating and quoting software that allows users to create accurate quotes fast. Users are able to import quantities directly into their estimate directly from plans using Bizprac’s Digital Takeoff system. The Estimating and quoting module also contains a comprehensive reporting system which allows users to create any report that they need, with as little or as much information that is required.

Produce professional construction quotes quickly and effectively.  User-friendly With Countless Options. Best Accuracy and Minimal Chances for Error.

Ordering & Procurement

Bizprac Software takes the hassle out of the ordering process. Save both
time and money by creating purchase orders directly from an estimate. Use
your personal supplier price lists to ensure that you are getting the products
you need at the cheapest possible cost, and ensure that an important order
is never missed.

  • Automatically create order from estimate
  • Send “Request for Quotes”
  • Compare prices & change suppliers whilst creating purchase order
  • Automatically allocate orders to jobs
  • Attach “Subcontractor Terms and Conditions”
  • Embed “hot links” or attach plans
  • One click order creation
Bizprac Ordering procurement software
bizprac job control software

Job Control

Accurate job control is critical for any construction company who want to ensure that they are making the maximum profit on each and every project.
Bizprac Software makes Job control a breeze by providing users with everything they need to keep on top of every project they do.

  • Construction project management software designed for builders
  • Know job status and resource levels in real-time
  • Add notes to jobs
  • Easily Manage and Invoice Cost Plus Jobs
  • Manage workforce certificates & licenses
  • Add photos and files to each job
  • Assign materials from stock to a project
  • Job cards track progress & responsibilities

Job Costing

Accurate job costing is the lifeblood of any successful construction company. The ability to know where you stand, financially, at any time during a project can be the difference between making the projected profit, or suffering a substantial loss. Bizprac Software’s Job Costing feature set includes everything that a company will need to ensure that lost profit is a thing of the past.

  • View actual costs vs budgets for each job in real time
  • Automatically create job from estimate
  • Job tracked in the same cost centre format as estimate
  • Produce contract variations
  • Time-sheets automatically update the job, status & resource levels
  • Drill down to actual items
bizprac job costing software
bizprac accounting software


With Bizprac Software there is no need to run a separate accounting system. Bizprac’s accounting module has all of the features found in popular accounting packages, with the added benefit of additional functionality designed specifically for the Australian construction industry.

  • Complete GL, AR, AP, Cashbook etc..
  • Manage Your Builder Retentions
  • Import and auto-match Bank Reconciliation
  • Debtor/Creditor Retentions
  • Drill Down reporting
  • Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR)
  • BAS Reporting
  • Accounting Dashboard showing multiple data views with graphs
  • Run jobs/projects across multiple financial years
  • Multiple Booksets (Companies)
  • Creates ABA files for Payments
  • Reports on P&L, Balance Sheet, Financial Position
  • Exports ALL accounting data for your accountant

Builder Retentions

Bizprac’s Retention module is the best, and most accurate, Retentions tracking package on the market today.

When using Bizprac, retentions are automatically calculated and appear in the relevant invoices. Bizprac ensures that users never miss a critical retentions payment as they are alerted when a payment is due. Retentions are also reflected in the relevant job.

  • Setup tiered breakdown as agreed in contract
  • Retentions reflected in job
  • Retentions automatically calculated and appear in invoices
  • Alert when retention due
  • Tracks 3 levels of builder retentions
bizprac builder retention claims
Bizprac asset management software

Asset Management

Bizprac Software takes the stress out of keeping track of your critical assets. No more forgetting about scheduled maintenance, or trying to figure out depreciations on your critical equipment. Bizprac takes care of everything, allowing you to concentrate on the day to day running of your business.

  • Keep track of valuable equipment
  • Categorise assets
  • Know equipment cost per hour
  • Manage equipment depreciation and servicing schedules
  • Move from reactive to predictive maintenance
  • Maintenance alerts accountant

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bizprac construction software

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