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Avoid project failure in your business today, with these five quick tips

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Avoid project failure in your business today, with these five quick tips

Imagine just for a minute that you had the perfect formula to ensure your next project would be a huge success. Your boss is singing your praises, the clients being overjoyed, a pay rise and confetti falling from the sky…. Okay, whilst we can’t guarantee your success, we have found five fundamental principles that are imperative to conquering your end goal and avoid project failure.

  • Know what you want to achieve.

Knowing the end result gives you a clearer view of how to get there. If you are not rock solid on the desired result at the end of the project, take some time to nut this out. Knowing precisely what you want to achieve is half the battle. Not only will it be clearer in your head, but you will also be able to communicate this more effectively to others involved to ensure consistency. I.e., No-one is expected to read minds or make decisions based on assumptions.

  • Open Communication

This is an essential component in any project’s success. Clear lines of communication make it easier to express your needs and requirements and to tackle challenges that may arrive more effectively. Don’t assume people already know.

This links back to points 1 and 2. Knowing what your final desired result is and being able to communicate this effectively will reduce the likelihood of scope creep. Adding extra items to a project will increase both time and cost. The longer the project continues, the more it will ultimately cost, and the less overall satisfaction will be felt by all involved.

  • Avoid Time Delays

“Time is Money”, as they say. Time delays arise when decisions are not made promptly; escalation does not occur soon enough or expanded scope. Of course, some time delays are inevitable (Weather impacts, for example, in the construction industry); ensure these delays are communicated as soon as possible to ensure that all parties are aware of the effect on the overall project. Again, communication.

  • Having a proper plan

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Planning is the key to success on any project. Plans can and will change, sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control (I’m looking at you – COVID-19!). Try to avoid variations, but be flexible and ready to roll with them if plans need to change.

These five key elements will help ensure that your next project is in its best possible position to succeed. Whether building a house, developing a product or implementing a new software system, these five tips will help you out. Above all, communication is king. Make sure you are connecting with your customers, your employees, your suppliers and contractors. Open and honest communication is the best way to ensure you will work together to overcome any challenge that arises during your next project. All the best with your next project!

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