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avid ratings gosocial

Avid Ratings GoSocial Software

With many customers accessing information on social media networks, from Facebook to review sites, Avid Ratings GoSocial Software keeps you relevant in the game.

With many customers accessing information on social media networks, from Facebook to review sites, GoSocial keeps you relevant in the game.

Avid Ratings GoSocial Software will turn your own GoSurvey reviews and social media trends into a vital marketing tool.
Combining GoSurvey results with AvidCX’s GoSocial tool will considerably improve your reputation via the source most trusted by consumers: reviews.

GoSocial ensures you are part of the conversations by posting your positive reviews on a full range of social media channels. You will be right where your potential customers look when seeking trusted advice.
Avid Ratings helps builders leverage social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to cultivate loyal customers. Get noticed, be social, listen closely, and promote yourself. GoSocial!

Key Features

Improve Rankings
Web Monitor
Review Builder

Who Does It Suit?

Home Builders
Property Developers
avid ratings gosocial software

Avid Stars

GoSocial can improve your rankings. Rankings help improve visibility for your company on various search engines and establishes your reputation in the homebuilder industry.


GoSocial leverages the reach and power of social media. Across social media platforms, GoSocial manages your company’s reputation and visibility.

avid ratings gosocial software
avid ratings gosocial software

Web Monitor

GoSocial alerts you on what is being said about your company.

Review Builder

Combat negative reviews. Review Builder allows you to address any issues or complaints as soon as they appear and provide customers with alternatives.

avid ratings gosocial software

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