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Assignar launches a new estimating product with Thrive Technologies

Assignar estimating

Assignar launches a new estimating product with Thrive Technologies

Today, Assignar launched Assignar estimating to the market. The cloud-based estimating software is built for estimators to help develop highly detailed first principle estimates whilst managing with complete visibility during the construction phase.

State Governments have been consistently announcing fast-track projects to assist the COVID-19 impacted economy. Now more than ever, contractors are needing to accurately forecast project costs and create robust tender prices.

Common industry practices such as excel sheets, countless versions of word docs and multiple emails are no longer sufficient to remain competitive.

More and more contractors are moving towards digital solutions to combat the challenges of estimating.

“As the industry navigates through unprecedented times, we are seeing a strong shift towards ditching paper and excel sheets. Estimators are under pressure to deliver tight budgets and competitive tender pricing. They want real-time visibility to collaborate with their peers without the back and forth between systems and emails. We are thrilled to be delivering Assignar Estimating to the industry.”
– Judd Sandstrom, Director at Thrive Technologies.

Assignar estimating empowers contractors to:

Upload bill of materials and collaborate on a budget in real-time
Keep track of complex estimates and apply new learnings for more accurate tender bids
Forecast future requirements and profits
“We are excited to launch Assignar estimating with our partner, Thrive Technologies. As industry experts in estimating, Thrive Technologies will provide depth insight and amazing support for contractors who utilise bill of quantities when estimating for projects and tenders. This estimating tool will provide the foundation of many project budgets which creates a great solution partner for our operations platform that captures actuals from the field”

– Trent McCreanor, Sales Director at Assignar

About Assignar
Assignar is the cloud-based operations platform for self-perform and subcontractors. Assignar digitises manual and paper-based processes to enabled streamlined operations. Specifically, workforce and asset scheduling, compliance management and asset maintenance.

About Thrive Technologies
Thrive Technologies is an industry-specific software solution provider. They are dedicated to helping companies find the best software solutions for their business. They take your business challenges and guide you through the inundating software market, helping you make a decision that will benefit your company and the bottom line.