Are you using your software to its full potential? – Part II (original blog Nov 2 2020)

Software full potential

Are you using your software to its full potential? – Part II (original blog Nov 2 2020)

Today we will pick up on a subject we blogged about last year and got a lot of questions about – using your software to its full potential. We often get so caught up in our day to day workings that we don’t stop to think if there are better /more efficient ways to be doing what we are doing.  

Let’s think of this in a way that may help you understand the potential gains you may be missing out on.

Say you just survived a whole kitchen reno (that is three months of your life that you NEVER want to live through again!!!) SO now you have this gorgeous new kitchen with all the latest and greatest gadgets. SO what would be the point of this outlay of cash (and sanity) if all you proceeded to do was use the kettle to make two-minute noodles? Spending a big chunk of cash on a new kitchen or a software system only makes economic sense if you make use of all of the bells and whistles.

Explore the possibilities.

Find out everything your software can do – either research online, ask one of our team to help you understand how to utilise the software better or put aside some time to just have a look through the software and notice the bits you have never used or don’t know what they are for.

Involve your team.

Find out what they are using the software for, what COULD they potentially use the software for, and how could this impact the productivity of your business? How can the software you have reduce your teams pain points? How can it help you do what you do more efficiently and accurately?

Invest in training.

Get your team fully trained in your software so they are using it to its full potential, and you are getting the best results for your bottom line.  

Get your money’s worth; there is no point investing in that expensive kitchen if you are just going to keep making 2-minute noodles.

Staff turnover.

It happens, especially in this industry!- are the staff now using your software the same ones that were initially trained? Or have those original staff moved on? Knowledge transfer is a real thing and can get lost when old staff leave and new staff come on board. Invest in training new staff to keep getting the most out of your software.

Stay current.

Software changes over time, new features are added, old features are enhanced, so ensure you are upgrading regularly and using the latest version of your software to ensure you are getting all the latest features being introduced. 

If you would like to discuss your software, how your business could be using it better, or book some training, contact our team on 1300 868 474. We are here to help your business succeed. Let’s find some efficiencies, gain some productivity and utilise the software you have to its full potential. It can literally change your bottom line.

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