Are smartphones the future of construction?

Smartphones the future of construction

Are smartphones the future of construction?

Are smartphones the future of construction? We live in a fast-paced, technology-driven world; this is no surprise to anyone. So why not harness it?

Unfortunately, in construction, there has always been a tenuous relationship with technology. As on-field equipment became more advanced, the tools that were being used in the project management office have traditionally lagged behind. 

Other industries have bounded ahead. Their rapid adoption of technology resulted in their productivity skyrocketing.

But could the smartphone be the tool to get the construction industry up to speed? 

Information visibility is key

To make smart decisions, project managers need instant access to information. Now, more than ever, decision-makers need data that is current.

Whilst traditionally project management has been based around analysing historical data, smartphones allow visibility of real-time data that creates an instantaneous ecosystem of information between different departments.

Whether it’s a subcontractor clocking in on their mobile, a foreman filling out daily reports on their smartphone, or project managers reviewing plans in the field on their device.

This ecosystem is where real progress is made. It allows information flow with much greater ease.

Why is it useful in construction

A typical construction team is very sporadic in its movements. From back-office to field to project management, many crucial components need to come together to make a project run smoothly.

Mobile technology allows for real-time data collection. It also allows information to transfer seamlessly between departments.

This creates a collaborative approach to completing a project. When every person within an organisation or project has access to real-time information, it reduces the risk of human error. For example, a field worker may not be forced to make an on-the-fly decision that is not based on accurate information. They can simply access project data and create a communication loop with the back office.

Another example: When an issue arises on a worksite, a worker can simply take a few photos, upload them using their phone to a cloud-based system, which is immediately accessed by the back-office staff, meaning revised plans or instructions can be delivered directly to the workers’ smartphones.

More productivity. It’s at the industry’s fingertips

Over the years, construction has been slow to adopt new technology and processes that ultimately make projects more profitable.

Whilst other industries have sped ahead, using automation and efficiency software, construction has been married to the spreadsheet.

The answer to speeding up the shift could be in the smartphone. As more of us become heavily reliant on our phones to manage our personal day-to-day, it could become the tool that allows construction teams to reduce costs whilst maintaining quality.

It comes down to creating a system within your business that allows information sharing through smartphone applications.

Having the phone as the connecting link between every component of a construction project allows faster access to information, regardless of where you are.

More accountability and visibility

The power of smartphones in construction isn’t just limited to workers. The next phase of this is using mobile technology to monitor heavy equipment, hard hat monitors, drones, and telematics data better to understand the complete picture of a construction project.

It allows data to be collected that gains a deeper understanding of the true health of a project.

Pairing this information with the ability to pre-define notifications the moment an anomaly happens means you can fix an issue before it becomes a big problem.

So, do you think smartphones are the future of construction?

The software to help you achieve this

Every business is different and requires a unique approach. Multiple technology solutions can be customised to your specific requirements, giving you the ability to truly pick the solution that suits your business needs.

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