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What makes a great software consultant?

a great software consultant

What makes a great software consultant?

Things to consider

Consulting is challenging and requires high expectations for your performance. You have to be the subject matter expert, as clients will look to you for guidance, pushing you to grow in ways you haven’t before.

As a consultant, you must be highly skilled, a go-getter, customer-focused and flexible. Consultants can see technology-related problems from both the business and technology angles and have the knowledge to solve those challenges. Still, they can work collaboratively with others to create the best approach.

The characteristics or fundamentals of a successful software consultant:

  • Good communication, humility, empathy and a good listener – are essential foundation skills of a great consultant. It needs to be clear and concise. This is critical in constructively solving conflicts and building growth through expert advice; as consultants, we need to remember that the client is the star in this equation.
  • Technical expert knowledge and management capabilities – The idea of being the Subject Matter Expert arises. The right expertise and technological know-how make a consultant a credible and reliable force. Consultant needs to understand that the role requires efficient management and decision-making skills, including wearing several hats, such as taking on project management skills.  
  • Time management and the ability to multitask – it is an essential factor as you will need to be able to juggle multiple tasks at once. A lot of the tasks, processes and projects are time-sensitive.
  • Team player – develop a collaborative relationship with work colleagues and clients.
  • Detail-oriented, analytical and problem-solving skills – these are essential skills of a consultant; you will need to have a good eye for spotting mistakes and errors, be able to identify issues and find a solution/s as part of your role, including analysing data that will impact new systems and business client decisions. You will often have to use innovative thinking and overcome ambiguity by asking the right questions and challenging the status quo.
  • Continues learning and growth – There is always something new to learn. The most successful consultants are those who constantly seek opportunities to learn and can learn quickly. Continuous education or training is imperative to remain competitive and at the top of the game.

Becoming a software consultant can be a great career decision if you are ready for new challenges and opportunities. Consulting is a world of self-discovery where you can make a significant impact. Consulting is an attractive career trajectory for professionals looking to realise their value and be catalysts for growth.

If you are looking for a career in this industry, give us a call, we are always on the lookout for talented consultants. 

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