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8 items you must log in your site diary everyday to protect your business

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8 items you must log in your site diary everyday to protect your business

Did you know that your Site Diary is the most important and valuable item in your business?

Most companies don’t realise the importance of keeping the site diary completely accurate every day until they go to court. The same old saying is rubbish in, rubbish out, and this practice applies here. Please find below what a well-maintained site diary should record each day:

  1. Logging site weather, site conditions resulting from weather, access, obstacles, hazards, amenities, vandalism etc., is paramount. This tells the story of the site itself each day.
  2. Tracking of personnel, subcontractors, visitors, and equipment are vital. It provides accountability of their whereabouts, participating in Toolbox Talks, submissions of MSDS and JDAs, Safe Work Method Statements, Relevant Licences and Tickets, such as White Card, First Aid, Flora/Fauna Spotters, Traffic Control, Elevated Platform, Confined Spaces, etc.
  3. “Notice of Delays” and “Extension of Time” notes should be documented in the Site Diary to keep track of site conditions or other reasons beyond the contractor’s control, causing these delays.
  4. “Request for Information”, “Notice of Variation and affiliated Cost”, and “Schedule Impacts” can also be documented within the daily diary via this Project Administration process. 
  5. Photos, Mud Maps, Traffic Management Plans, Drawings.
  6. Deliveries, delivery dockets, and quantities delivered to the site should also be logged here daily. By doing this, again, logs all events that happen on-site EVERY DAY.
  7. During Practical Completion, defects can be captured within the diary, resulting in back charges to subcontractors, etc., or rectifying works for the head contractor.
  8. Expense tracking, including any purchases made by employees on company credit cards or their own personal monies for reimbursement.

All of the above should be captured project by project, day by day. In MYOB Advanced Construction Edition, the ability to track these items are easy. 

With the new mobile app, site personnel can capture any of the above on their mobile phone or tablet with easy Weather and Site Cam Interfaces, all Project Management Administration such as RFIs, Variations already configured, not to mention Drawing and Photo Log Register and Insurance Compliance checks.

Head office personnel can see in real-time any issues or items that need addressing from a management level and, best of all, keep accurate records of daily events in the instance of any legal matters or disputes that may arise in the future.

Remember: the person with the most paperwork usually wins.

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